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Hudson Home Inspector

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Bergen County Home Inspector

Hoboken Home Inspector

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Rutherford Home Inspector

Home Inspector Bergen

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Home Inspections Hoboken

Call us for Condo Inspections, New Jersey Home Inspections, Bergen County Home Inspections, Hudson County Home Inspections, Hoboken Home Inspections, Hoboken Condo Inspections. A licensed New Jersey home inspector will explain the ins and outs of your new home. We will do a whole home inspection or a complete condo inspection. We offer a complete home inspection service including radon testing and wood destroying insects. We cover home inspections in Hudson County and home inspections in Bergen County as well as statewide. Statewide is located at 111 Darwin Ave., Rutherford, NJ.


Home Inspection

Radon Screening

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection



Fully affiliated with companies providing:


Alarm Systems

Wood Destroying Insect Treatments

Buried Oil Tank Scans

Buried Oil Tank Removal

Septic Tank Testing

Pool Inspections

Chimney Inspections

Foundation Inspections & Repair

Mold Inspections and Remediation

Radon Testing and Remediation

Basement Waterproofing

Lead & Asbestos Testing






Chimneys and Chimney Service












Consumer Product Safety Commission






Pest Management









National Relocation



US City Network

Frequently Asked Questions


Should the buyer be at the inspection?

Absolutely! We’ll be going through the house room by room, inspecting the mechanicals, the basement, the attic, garage, grounds and full exterior. Just reading the inspection report (as thorough as it is) is not the same as having things pointed out by your inspector, and you will be able to ask questions in person instead of by phone or email. There are times a buyer simply cannot attend the inspection, we encourage having a family member or your agent present at these times.


Can the buyer take pictures during the inspection?

You are encouraged to do so. Many clients also take notes during the inspection.


How soon will the report be ready?

Generally within two days, frequently it’s ready the next day.


What type of report will the buyer receive?

Statewide Home Inspection’s reports are the narrative type, individualized per inspection, not the quick check list type that is far from complete.


Can an inspection be done in the evening?

During the warmer weather, as long as it is light out, that is not a problem. The inspector needs to be able to see the exterior in order to do a complete inspection.



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